external structures

see animation movie "architectural freedom"

H60 is a technology, which allows optimum freedom of design for the architect.

Even though there is a standard set of profiles, we can easily modify the design for specific projects.


The interior shape of the profiles is almost unlimited.

As the mullion is an insulated profile, and as the cap is the exterior shell of the mullion, it can also have any shape. Let the design be guided by the creativity of the architect.


Furthermore, as the mullion is an insulated, monolithic profile (not assembled on site with profile -  interior mullion – pressure profile – screws - exterior cap) any specific device can easily be inserted in the mullion in the workshop.

Such a device allows the fixation of any kind of additional external structure, such as louvres, neon lighting, walkways, ….without any risk for the water tightness and without any problem of execution on site.

The technology of the H60 perfectly allows double skin construction.

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